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You may be despairing about your impending transfer to the American Midwest because of its reputation for being boring. The real estate agents of Cincinnati, Ohio would like you to know that nothing could be less true of their city. Cincinnati, OH is a vibrant city with both living historical roots and endless future development potential. Its real estate investment opportunities abound, ranging from historical riverfront mansions to modern downtown condos. So as you pack up to move from your home in Maple Ontario that was sold by David Ursino, don't fret - the life you're leaving behind won't be half as rewarding and exciting as your new life in Cincinnati, Ohio will be!

Cincinnati, Ohio: The Queen City

Cincinnati is located in the Midwestern state of Ohio on the banks of the Ohio River near the border with Kentucky. It was founded in 1788 and incorporated as a city in 1819. The city has earned many distinctions over the years. It was the first city in the United States with a paid fire department, a major stop on the underground railroad which brought slaves from the south north to Canada and freedom, received several awards for being an extremely "livable city" and was even declared one of the top ten "Cities that Rock" according to Esquire Magazine.

Cincinnati, OH has a long history of industry, being a stop on the many canals that feed into Lake Erie. Although no longer the same manufacturing boomtown it once was, today many of its citizens find employment at a number of Fortune 500 companies with offices in the city, including Proctor & Gamble, Sunny Delight Beverages Co., Macy's Inc., Chiquita Brands International, and the E.W. Scripps Company.

Cincinnati, Ohio has also gained a reputation as a major player in health care education, research, and services. There are thirteen hospitals and medicals clinics in the city proper. Cincinnati Children's Hospital is one of the top five pediatric institutes in the U.S. according to multiple organizations and has received awards for leadership and family-centered care. The University of Cincinnati offers a medical program which traces its roots back to the Medical College of Ohio, founded in 1819.

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Real Estate Opportunities Available in Cincinnati, OH

The available housing in Cincinnati, Ohio has come a long way from its humble beginnings as an industrial boom town. In the past some neighborhoods were strictly blue collar, populated by bachelors in small apartments and working families in small attached houses while others were wooded, wide-lawned havens for the elite and the privileged. Today many of the cramped neighborhoods of old have been revamped into lovely townhouses and modern condominiums, a process which is ongoing. Heritage houses situated on large plots still exist alongside more modern suburban dwellings.

Today's Cincinnati, OH neighborhoods, while maintaining their own unique atmosphere, welcome all people from all walks of life. The neighborhoods of Avondale and Bond Hill have a rich African American heritage, while Carthage is quickly becoming the premiere destination for Hispanic families and Hispanic-influenced businesses. Columbia-Tusculum and Mount Adams offer historic homes, extensive parklands, and a variety of popular restaurants and theaters. These neighborhoods are popular with well-to-do young professionals. University students find themselves at home in Clifton Heights, and the Northside welcomes everyone from artists, to young professionals to people with alternative lifestyles.

Housing values in Cincinnati, OH depend greatly on the neighborhood, the size of the home, and the style of the home, but generally speaking the average price of a detached family home is around $192,000. Townhouses are a little pricer at $210,000, and to own part of a multi-unit home would cost around $138,000. Renters in Cincinnati pay on average $550 per month. What the average person can afford in Cincinnati is greatly enhanced by the relatively inexpensive cost of living in the city, which is 83 compared to the United States average of 100.

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